Treatments / costs
Initial consultation – 45 minutes £38
At the first appointment a full medical history will be taken including a vascular and neurological assessment before any treatment. Treatment will depend on your particular foot problem. Usually nails are cut and filed, any corns and hard skin are removed, heels are sanded smooth and moisturising foot cream is massaged into the feet. An individually tailored treatment plan ends the consultation. Footwear and hosiery advice will also be discussed. 
Regular Chiropody – 30 minute £35
Any new issues are discussed. Nails are cut and filed, any corns and hard skin are removed, heels are sanded smooth and moisturising foot cream is massaged into feet.
Regular+ Chiropody – 45 minutes £40
Been neglecting your feet? Then it may take a bit of extra time to really make your pinkies perky!
Toenail Reconstruction (POA)
LCN Wilde Pedique is an elastic UV gel that has been specifically developed for toenails. If you are embarrassed by fungal or thickened/damaged toenails then this treatment is perfect for you. You will never have to hideyou toes again.
Medi-Pedi – 45 minutes £45
A complete overhaul of your feet, dry skin/callus/corns are removed painlessly. Heels are sanded smooth and nails are cut and filed. A relaxing foot scrub and luxuriousfoot moisturising massage follow. Select your nail polish colour fromthe Dr Remedy range (which is free fromformaldehyde, toluene & parabens). Suitable for diabetics and mums-to-be. Results are long lasting and your feet will feel amazing!
Standard Verruca Treatment – 30 minutes £32
Verruca preparation and topical treatment applied to improve outcomes. Treatment plan discussed.
Verruca Dry needling Treatment – 1 hr £95
For long term painful verruca when usual treatment has not been successful. Only one treatment is usually required. The foot is numbed using a local anaesthetic foot block and the verruca is needled. Follow up appointments are required at 1 and 8 weeks, these are included in the cost. Click on the link below to review article:
Deep Heel Cracks (fissures) – 30 minutes £42
For very deep, painful heel cracks which require more than standard treatment. Medical glue is used to seal the crack and relieve pain. Click on link below to review article

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