Overhaul your feet ready for the Christmas party

LCN Wilde Pedicure for damaged/Fungal Nails

Do you long for the perfect toenails? Do you have fungal or damaged toenails that you keep under wraps? Why not try the LCN Wilde Pedicure. The elastic UV gel is flexible whichallows your new nail tofeel like your own, you can even use nail polish on your new nail. Go on treat yourself to the perfect nails for Christmas.

Below is an example of a nail before and after treatment.

Prepared damaged nail

Nail prepared and ready for LCN Wilde Pedicure


Reconstruction in action

Wilde Pedicure gel ‘building’ new nail

Completed nail

Completed natural looking nail

Completed nil with extra bling

Some additional sparkle

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Can't Get Rid of a Pesky Verruca

Fed-up with Long Term, Painful Verruca? Are you embarrassed by them? If you answered yes to these questions, then there is another treatment option available. Yes! I hear you cry the best thing is you usually only have to have one treatment… No more applying creams/gels etc. for days/weeks/months on end. The treatment is called Verruca needling and is used extensively in the US and is now becoming more popular in the UK, here is Dorset I am one of a handful of Chiropodists/Podiatrists offering the treatment.

So what happens when you have the treatment? Firstly, you need to have tried other conventional treatments. Next, you have to be suitable for a local anaesthetic an ankle block (to numb your foot). Treatment is fast and painless. The ‘Mother' verruca is punctured with a sterile needle many times to provoke an immune response to clear the verruca. This response usually takes up to 2 months.

Is there any downtime? On the day of treatment you will be unable to drive home, so its best if you have someone with you (no driving for 12 hours after treatment). Elevating your foot after treatment is recommended as your foot will be numb for approximately 4-5 hours. The following day you can shower as normal and at that point the dressing can be changed. Normal activity is fine but no running. You return to clinic at 1 and 8 weeks' intervals to check progress.